Most Common and Uncommon House Pets

Pets are a strange concept in the natural world. Some might even consider them to be parasites. We (humans) have to care for them, provide them with food and shelter, and they really give nothing back other than affection (sometimes, not even that). But pets are here to stay because, for some inexplicable reason, we love having them around. Some people prefer the company of more exotic animals while others prefer more traditional pets. In this article, we’ll talk about the most common and uncommon house pets. Which ones do you own?

Most common


Dogs have evolved side by side with humans for over 30,000 years. If you think your dog knows what you’re thinking and feeling, you’re right. Our canine friends have evolved to be able to communicate with us and read our emotions.


Cats are independent and low maintenance. While at times it might seem like they don’t understand us, the opposite is true. Cats do care and they are listening, it’s just that most of the time they choose to ignore us. But people who have cats as pets know just how loving they can be when they want to be (or when they want something).


Some people might think fish are low-maintenance, but to keep healthy, happy fish, they actually require a lot of care. They need a large tank to swim in, clean water, and the right temperatures.


If you own a bird, you know that these social pets can be just as cuddly and sweet as any mammal. Better yet, some types of birds (parrots) will sing and talk to you!


When cared for and trained properly, rabbits are like house cats. They can be litter trained and allowed to roam around the house. Just make sure to elevate or remove any low-hanging electrical cords!


Bearded Dragons

These reptiles grow up to 2 feet long. Unlike other reptiles, they enjoy being handled and held. However, reptiles are known to harbor bacteria that can make you sick, so make sure to wash your hands after playing with them.


Hedgehogs are legal in most states and you need a permit to own one in other states. These low maintenance mammals are similar to rabbits, just pricklier. They need a cage, clean water, fresh food, socialization, and even baths!

Hyacinth Macaws

These parrots are endangered and expensive. For about $10,000, you too can own one. Just make sure you have enough safe, access to an exotic-animal vet and someone who will take care of the bird after you pass away. Large macaws like these are known to live up to 70 years!


These high energy pets aren’t the biggest fans of cuddling, despite their super soft fur. They need lots of exercise and regular dust baths. If you do purchase one, make sure that your chinchilla wasn’t illegally brought in from the wild.

Ball Pythons

Pythons are popular pets because they are constrictors and not venomous. That means they suffocate their food to death. Ball pythons can grow up to 4 feet in length and are illegal in certain states. Thanks to irresponsible pet owners letting their pythons out into the world, the ball python is now a destructive, invasive species in Florida.


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